MOFFIT: Planned Parenthood should announce opening of abortion centers for MEN in the name of gender equality

Editor’s note: Our resident gender fluid progressive, A. Moffit, has been given this space to express pro-diversity views from the progressive Left. Today, she insists that Planned Parenthood should open abortion centers for men, since some men have vaginas. Of course, Moffit is completely insane and dangerously delusional, but this is now the norm with the progressive Left. We do not endorse the insane views expressed below, but we present them to help keep you informed of what the progressive Left is actually thinking. This is not satire. Read and weep for humanity:

The world is in awe as men with vaginas have begun to get pregnant and have babies, proving the theory of gender fluidity is alive and well. Will Planned Parenthood help men make important choices involving their reproductive health? Planned Parenthood should step up to the plate and educate men about the challenges of giving birth by offering global services to transexuals and pansgenders. Planned Parenthood should help pregnant men, as many may choose to abort. It’s everyone’s responsibility to save everyone else from starvation, and the chaos of men having babies is just going to further dampen the food supply, that’s barely adequate right now for feeding all 330 million Americans. Planned Parenthood always functions for the greater good, plus they can sell aborted baby parts for biotechnology studies helps Monsanto and Bayer grow more genetically modified foods, and other corporations sell more candy and soda, which in turn feeds a starving world.

Any men already pregnant and considering childbirth, you may want to reconsider, and consult with a clinician at PP

Planned Parenthood (PP) centers are conveniently located in most major urban areas for men of all creeds and colors who want advice about their pregnancies, while considering the greater good. Plus, if you choose to abort, it’s economically wise to sell the baby organs on the black market for cold hard cash. All you have to do, once you agree that the baby will be a burden to society, is to meet some biotech gurus at a clandestine restaurant or coffee shop and start bargaining off that baby brain, heart, liver and kidneys. Planned Parenthood reps, even those at the top are up for the negotiations.

PP  welcomes pregnant men and pansgenders who want to spare their vaginas the agony of childbirth

Fetal tissue is a top commodity these days, just ask any start-up biotechnology firm. Have you checked fetus values on the dark web lately? Dr. Mary Gatter, President of Planned Parenthood’s Medical Director’s Council, haggles in public for that invaluable flesh, but you got to make sure it’s all on ice. You can sell the baby’s organs for the going rate, or haggle for more, knowing even the head GMO gurus need them for food research.

It’s obvioius that PepsiCo, Kraft and Nestle need more “natural flavors” to entice their consumer’s taste buds in order to keep everyone addicted to their products. Aborted embryonic cells, like HEK-293,  are used to test fake flavoring chemicals for sodas, cookies and candy.

Thousands of U.S. surgeons prepare for mass numbers of uterus transplants for men

Trannies and Pansgenders across the U.S. are ready to hop on the waiting lists to get a uterus and vagina transplant so they too can give birth to babies, but several obstacles stand in their way. For starters, it’s a huge surgical undertaking that involves reconstruction of the pelvis by someone already highly skilled in transgender surgery. Plus, the usual hormone regimen prescribed risks the patient developing massive cancer tumors and even having regrets after irreversible surgery.

Here’s the good news though: Swedish doctors successfully transplanted a uterus in 2014. In the USA, Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic wants to be the first clinic here to help put baby-carrying parts in men. It’s nice to know men can have babies, but do they really want to add to the population problem? Start looking for PP billboards advertising abortions for men of all creeds near your local highway exits soon.

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