Virtue-signaling Ford corporation fires worker for criticizing transgender propaganda

A former contractor who worked at the Livonia, Michigan, manufacturing plant of Ford Motor Company has come forward with the disturbing details about how he was recently fired from his position simply for sharing biological and scientific facts in response to pro-transgender propaganda that was posted on an internal company message board.

The former contractor, who has chosen not to reveal his identity publicly, says he was fired the very same day he committed the “crime” of speaking the truth. In response to an article entitled, “An Evolution to Happiness: Ford’s Progressive Corporate Culture Helps Engineer Take Transformative Step,” which featured another Ford employee, a biological male who had “transformed” into a “woman,” the former contractor responded with the following statement:

“Human beings are male or female, the socio-cultural reality of gender cannot be separated from one’s sex as male or female.”

For the simple act of making this comment, the former contractor was immediately fired from his post and told to leave the premises.

“Ford said that because of my comment and the intolerance that it represented (or so they accused me of) that my services to them would cease immediately,” the former Ford contractor anonymously told PJ Media.

“I was told this in an unscheduled 1 on 1 meeting with my boss and an HR representative. I was told to pack up my belongings immediately, to leave my badge and computer, then I was walked out of the building like a criminal. I am quite sure this post was the reason!”

Ford is guilty of “religious persecution,” says former worker

It’s the epitome of fascism: the expectation that one must accept any and every form of LGBT perversion in order to keep his job. And yet, this is exactly what happened to this former contractor, who says he was the only one to speak up about the derangement of so-called transgenderism, and the idea that one can simply change his or her gender into something that’s incongruent with his or her natural biology.

“Nearly all of the comments were singing the praises of the transgender cause whereas I was hoping to inject a statement of truth in order to bring about a genuine, constructive discussion for the good of the transgender employee the article featured,” the man told PJ Media.

“Ford saw my comment as intolerant and at odds with its progressive ideologies.”

Another important factor in the equation is that this former contractor is a religious Catholic – the comments he made having come from his religion’s statement of faith. What this means is that Ford Motor Company may also be guilty of infringing on the former contractor’s religious liberty, which could be grounds for him to sue the company.

As he explained to PJ Media, there’s “a significant element of religious persecution in play in all this, too,” seeing as how the former contractor’s comments in response to the article in question included “a paraphrased version of a statement … from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops [USCCB].”

“I strongly feel that I’ve been persecuted for my moral values on this issue,” he added in a statement to PJ Media.

When questioned about the issue, both Ford Motor Company and The Productivity Team, the company that technically paid the former contractor, refused to comment – other than Ford’s insistence that the man was never one of its employees, which he says is false.

“Yes, I had agency status, but otherwise I was integrated into Ford’s systems like any other employee,” the man told PJ Media, explaining that he had direct access to Ford’s intranet servers. He even shared his CDSID, or official Ford employee identification number, with PJ Media as evidence of this.

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