They eat their own: LGBT activists now at WAR with feminist movement over definition of “woman”

Fiveclouds Tap & Bottle, a bar and brewery in Macclesfield, United Kingdom, recently kicked out a feminist mother who’s been a regular customer there for more than three years after a homosexual patron complained about her t-shirt, which had printed on the front of it the dictionary definition of a “woman.”

In yet another display of far-left freaks eating their own, 34-year-old Rebeka Wershbale, who’s a proud supporter of the feminist group Fair Play for Women, was told by Fiveclouds staff that her t-shirt was deemed offensive because it expresses “transphobic” sentiments, in that it defines a woman as a biological female.

A homosexual who identifies as Mika Johnson reportedly complained to staff at the bar after spotting Wershbale’s shirt, which apparently made him cry and become very upset – so much so that he later went home and whined about it all over Twitter.

A female staff member at the bar named Heather “told me that the T-shirt I was wearing was upsetting people because it was transphobic and not inclusive so I was barred,” Wershbale is quoted as saying to the Daily Mail, explaining that she was asked to leave and not come back.

“What she meant was that I was somehow offending men who say they are women because my T-shirt did not include them in the definition of a woman.”

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Wershbale contends that true feminism supports actual women, not men who want to pretend to be women – hence why she was wearing the shirt in the first place.

In Wershbale’s view, changing the definition of what a woman is in order to cater to transgenders – which is exactly what radical LGBT extremists are right now trying to do in the U.K. with recent proposals to alter the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) – puts biological women at harm, especially when biological men insist upon using women’s restrooms.

According to Wershbale, she wasn’t hostile to anyone in the bar, and there were no transgenders present at the time. She also says she simply tried to talk to Johnson when he had a meltdown, telling her that he didn’t want to talk to her and to “please leave me alone.”

Just a half hour later, Wershbale was told to leave the establishment because of Johnson’s complaint, demonstrating once again that liberalism really is a mental disorder that triggers its adherents to do ridiculous things.

“It is a very sad day when a woman is barred from her pub for wearing a T-shirt that states the obvious because it might offend transgender people,” David Davies, a Tory MP, said in a statement following the incident.

“Terrifyingly, this insidious creep of open debate no longer being tolerated and freedom of speech being suppressed is now spreading from our university campuses to the streets of our historic market towns.”

As you may recall, there was a similar internal battle of left-versus-left in the U.K. back in the summer during London Pride, when transgenders accused a lesbian group present at the march of being being “transphobic,” simply because it exclusively defines lesbians as female homosexuals.

“A man who says he’s a lesbian is a rapist,” one of the accused lesbians reportedly shouted as she angrily marched down the street during London Pride as she was being hauled away by law enforcement officers who were called to deal with the “offense.”

“Only women can be lesbians” shouted another. “A man who has surgery can never be a lesbian,” she added, sparking more outrage from the trans activists who were also present at the annual march.

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