REAL SCIENCE: Men are better navigators than women, study finds

If there’s one thing the liberal left loves to hate, it’s the simple fact that men and women are biologically different, and also tend to exhibit different strengths and weaknesses. To the feminist cult, such a notion is blasphemy. But as the science shows, men and women are more different than the rad-fem generation would ever like to admit. Research led by psychologists at the University of California at Santa Barbara has just shown that men are, in fact, superior navigators.

In a world where even daring to suggest that men are simply better or more capable at completing certain tasks is met with public flogging (or at least, public skewering over social media), any finding that dares to highlight the differences between men and women is downright earth-shattering. So, what exactly did the researchers find?

The researchers at UC Santa Barbara state that their research shows men are “significantly more efficient” at navigating for one key reason: Men are more likely to take shortcuts, while women are more likely to stick to familiar paths.

The science on why men are better navigators

The study was led by Alexander Boone, a graduate student at the UC Santa Barbara Hegarty Spatial Thinking Lab. Along with his team, they created two experiments which “used the dual-solution paradigm (DSP) to examine the strategies that people use to navigate to a goal location in a learned environment, sex differences in navigation strategy, how these differences affect navigation efficiency, and how they relate to other measures of large-scale spatial ability.”

In the first test, 68 participants were asked to navigate a computer maze to reach specified locations. They also responded to questions about their sense of direction, the strategies they used and their experience with video games.

In the second experiment, another 72 subjects went through different versions of the maze, with and without “distal landmarks” like trees, to see how the different sexes used the indicators while navigating.

Ultimately, the researchers found that men performed better than women. The study authors write in their conclusion that their findings suggest “the sex difference in navigation efficiency is large, and is partly related to navigation strategy.”

In a press release, study leader Boone reportedly commented, “In both experiments, men were significantly more efficient than women, even after controlling for the effects of strategy.”

“As predicted from previous research, these experiments showed that men were more likely to take shortcuts and on average reached their goal location faster than women. In contrast, female participants were more likely to follow learned routes and wander,” he added.

Men and women are different, even if it offends liberals

Men and women are undeniably different; from the way we look, to the way we think, to our strengths and weaknesses. It’s worth noting that just because men are, on average, better at something (like navigating), it doesn’t mean a woman can’t be good at it, too. But to ignore our basic differences is to ignore our own biology (and basic science) altogether.

Last year, former Google employee James Damore got publicly reamed (and fired!) for making note of these differences — most of which are simply personal choice.

Damore was featured on a discussion panel in early 2018 at Portland State University — and the level of chaos and insanity that followed simply defies logic and reason (as left-wingers tend to do). Apparently even daring to discuss the physical differences between men and women — like height, fat distribution and who bears children — were enough to incite outrage. In true libtard fashion, panel members were called “Nazis” for stating that men are, on average, taller than women, and that only women can carry a child.

Reality is painful — but not quite as painful as being that stupid.

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