Left-wing media pushing transgender children propaganda on daytime television

Child abusers Andrew and Wendy Napoles recently got their 15 minutes of fame by parading their gender dysphoric, mentally ill, 11-year-old son “Desmond is Amazing” on the daytime television show “Good Morning America” (GMA), openly advocating for young children everywhere to be brainwashed and indoctrinated into a mindset and lifestyle of transgenderism just like their very clearly damaged little boy.

It was a sickening and utterly horrifying display at GMA that, as you’ll see at the link above, tried to glamorize the sexualization of young children – and particularly young boys who, like “Desmond is Amazing,” are now being taught by conscience-seared cretins like Andrew and Wendy Napoles to believe that they’re “females” trapped inside male bodies, and thus need to dress like stereotypical drag performers at bars and strip clubs.

In the case of “Desmond is Amazing,” the young boy is clearly being exploited by his “parents,” both of whom admit that they’re unemployed, and are using their son to gain attention and some kind of income from the “shock” value of his fame. When this isn’t enough, the two resort to begging for cash on GoFundMe, further revealing just how unfit they are as “parents.”

Nevertheless, the couple and their sick child are being praised all throughout the leftist media, including by GMA co-hosts Michael Strahan and Sara Haines, both of whom perpetuated the narrative that “Desmond is Amazing” is somehow “brave” for “trail-blazing” his life as a transgender, which Andrew and Wendy Napoles admit to pushing on their son beginning at age two.

“We let him go every year and we let him watch, which interested him for a while,” an embarrassingly emasculated Andrew Napoles told Fatherly about how he and Wendy started taking “Desmond is Amazing” to so-called “Pride” parades while he was still just an infant.

“But, like any kid, after a while he wanted to do something else. Which is what we figured would happen when he walked. He vogued the entire route – two and a half miles,” Andrew Napoles added about his son’s involvement in marching in Pride parades while still an underage, undeveloped youth.

Andrew and Wendy Napoles should be criminally investigated for abusing, exploiting their son

While the GMA co-hosts, the three adult drag queens they brought on the show as a “surprise” for “Desmond is Amazing,” and the entire audience all cheered at this nauseating display of what can only be described as pro-pedophilia propaganda, the sane world looks on and asks: Why aren’t Andrew and Wendy Napoles in prison for abusing and exploiting a child under their care?

Nobody with any sort of decency and morality will find a young boy dressed in provocative drag “cute,” as is the message now being conveyed. It’s child abuse, period, and someone needs to take a stand against it so it doesn’t continue to spread like the cancer that it truly is.

“Drag queens are, and always have been, typical features of adult entertainment venues, and the culture surrounding drag performing is shrouded with overt sexuality,” wrote “mommy blogger” Elizabeth Johnson in criticism of GMA’s “creepy” decision to feature “Desmond is Amazing” in a positive light.

“All cross-dressing aside, drag culture is nothing children should be integrated into, but clearly, those in the entertainment industry think it’s ‘cute’ to see a little boy take on the gender-bending characteristics of men who typically appear on the stages of strip clubs and bars,” she went on to say, adding that “[t]his is absolutely not OK.”

The truth of the matter is that teaching children about transgenderism, or worse, encouraging them to become transgenders, is both child abuse and sexual assault against minors. And those who do such wickedness, including Andrew and Wendy Napoles, deserve to be investigated for these crimes against innocent children.

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