Democrats come out in support of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

All but two Democrats in the Maine House of Representatives reportedly voted down a legislative bill that would have outlawed a barbaric form of genital mutilation known as female circumcision.

After letting the bill sit and almost expire, 72 Democrats decided on the last day of the legislative session to vote in favor of scrapping the bill, meaning female genital mutilation will continue to be permitted in the Pine Tree State.

Christopher W. Babbidge from Kennebunk and Catherine M. Nadeau of Winslow were the only two defecting Democrats who resisted voting along party lines against the ban. Not a single Maine Republican voted against the ban.

“Unfortunately, I am not surprised at all,” stated Representative Karen A. Gerrish, the ranking Republican on the Criminal Justice and Public Safety (CJPS) Committee, as quoted by Maine First Media.

The Maine House had brought forward one of the two minority reports from the CJPS Committee that suggested the bill “ought not to pass.” And while Rep. Gerrish expected some Democrats to support this position, she didn’t expect the vast majority of them to do so.

“What did surprise me was the unanimous support in the Senate, and I thank them for understanding the seriousness of the issue,” she added in a public comment.

“I did find it remarkable that 65 House members, primarily Democrats, supported the ‘ought not to pass’ motion. I expected some to back that motion, but much less. I expected maybe 25 or so of the far-Left liberal Democrats to support killing the bill outright. But 65, wow.”

When this initial effort failed to kill the bill outright, the Democrats then brought forward the second minority report, which was amended to strip all penalties for accomplices who commit the crime of female genital mutilation. The amendments further removed the word “mutilation” from the bill, rendering it “toothless.”

So what ultimately passed, in essence, was a worthless bill that does nothing to stop female genital mutilation in the state of Maine. And Democrats there led the charge in making sure that this empty bill was passed – while almost all of them voted against it anyway.

Double standard: Why is male genital mutilation seen as no big deal?

Meanwhile, male genital mutilation continues with minimal opposition in the United States and other Judeo-influenced nations, even as some politicians decry the horrors are barbaric nature of female genital mutilation.

But why the double standard? This is an issue that Iceland is currently dealing with as it mulls a ban on male circumcision – a move that has many Jewish groups up in arms as they say preventing the removal of young boys’ foreskins “would create insurmountable challenges for Jews and Muslims living there.”

But isn’t damaging the most sensitive area of a boy’s private parts just as barbaric as doing the same to a female’s private parts? Why is one okay and not the other?

As we’ve previously reported, destroying a boy’s penis through circumcision causes lasting harm that can forever change the way his brain works.

Particularly in areas of the brain that deal with perception, emotions, and the ability to reason, male circumcision inflicts a type of brain damage that can leave a mutilated man with “significant trauma,” including prolific damage to his limbic system.

According to Dr. Niall McCrae from King’s College in London, male circumcision “is on par with FGM (female genital mutilation) type IV in terms of harm.”

He says there are “potential long-term psychological harms that may arise in adulthood, as self-consciousness detracts from sexual intimacy.”

Read for more coverage of pure evil and the medical abuse of children.

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