DISNEY to make Pirates of the Caribbean ride more “politically correct” … transgender pirates singing Kumbaya?

When the Disney Company first singled out gays and lesbians for special “Gay Days” events a few years back, many Americans who are not gay — myself included — resented the fact that the once-family friendly company would have drawn so much attention to a sexual lifestyle.

After all, being gay is all about sex, period. It’s not about “equality,” or “fairness” or any of that other politically correct nonsense. It’s about sex and, specifically, having sex with someone of the same gender.

Mind you, most of us who disagreed with Disney’s special weeklong event don’t disagree with the lifestyle; love who you want to love; live and let live. It’s just that the event recognized sexual behavior that most parents, like any sexual behavior, would rather their kids not be exposed to in a public forum, without their control or consent. Disney felt otherwise; its executives felt they had a right to force their beliefs on everyone who entered their parks (and paid ridiculous money to get in).

So it should come as no surprise that Disney is now adding a PC touch to some of its most popular rides and attractions, like their Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at their California Disneyland and Florida Disneyworld parks.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times:

At Disneyland, pirates can still drink, pillage and fight. But the swashbuckling tradition of abducting and exploiting women is being sent to Davy Jones’ Locker. Call it a sign of the times.

Officials are revamping a section of the popular attraction that shows a “parade of women put on the auction block — under a decidedly un-PC banner that reads ‘Auction, Take a wench for a bride,’” the paper noted.

Next year, attraction-goers will instead see a scene where pirates loot local townspeople. “After all,” says the Times, “who can be offended by a little pirate pilfering?”

Well, in today’s ridiculous PC climate, compliments of the insane Left, just about anyone can decide to take offense to just about anything, so the question really is moot. (RELATED: Disney tries to bury nutrition research it funded after discovering financial ties to discredited Coca-Cola researcher)

Disney has tried this PC BS before. The Times notes that for a number of years, park officials removed the fake revolvers from captains of the Jungle Cruise, where they would ‘shoot’ at animatronic hippos in the river. But customer complaints “forced Disney to re-arm the cruise ship captains and give them the green light to fire at will,” the Times noted.

Other examples of modern-day Disney execs attempting to over-PC the attractions in ways Walt Disney never imagined include:

— In 1997, the park changed scenes were pirates chased after women; officials gave the female actresses trays of food so it looked as though the pirates weren’t ‘wenching’ but instead lusting after the food.

— Axing a scene where a pirate was holding up women’s lingerie as a frightened woman, allegedly naked, hid in a barrel nearby.

— On Tom Sawyer Island, fake frontier rifles were taken away along with a victim of an Indian arrow who, for years, was laying in front of a burning settler cabin.

“At Disney, their specialty is scrubbing everything to be squeaky clean and palatable,” Rick Rothschild, a ride designer for Disney from 1978 until 2009, told the Times. “That’s the Disney way.”

Except when it comes to “Gay Days” though, right Mr. Rothschild?

The problem with over-emphasizing political correctness is that it makes the attractions less realistic and historically inaccurate. When kids learn about pirates, they don’t learn about pirates marauding without firearms; they don’t learn about pirates chasing after and capturing “food;” they don’t learn about Indians and American settlers in the West playing nice.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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