Even Democrats are revolting over Left-wing Pa. governor’s insane transgender bathroom policy

Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, who is seeking reelection in 2018, is in serious trouble with voters. Seems they don’t much care for his far-Left social engineering.

As reported by Breitbart News, a new survey — a random sample of 1,031 likely voters — found that his job approval rating has tanked, registering just under 35 percent, while more than 43 percent of Pennsylvania voters disapprove (and more than one-fifth — 21.76 percent — aren’t sure one way or the other).

All told, more than 65 percent of voters either don’t care for the job Wolf’s doing or don’t know what to think about it. That’s bad.

The survey, which was published by Keystone Report, was commissioned by the Washington, D.C.-based American Principles Project, or APP, which is a group dedicated to upholding the Constitution and the nation’s founding principles. What’s most interesting about the findings is that voters from Wolf’s own party overwhelmingly disapprove of one of his policies in particular: One that refuses to acknowledge the biological fact that humans come in just two sexes — male or female — and that claiming to “identify” as “the opposite sex” doesn’t cut it for most parents with kids in school.

When survey takers informed Democratic voters of Wolf’s “gender identity” mandate for schools, even they were far less likely to support him.

“When told Wolf supports school policies that force children to share shower facilities with members of the opposite sex, 71 percent of voters said they were less likely to support the Governor, including 51 percent of Democrats,” said APP in a press release cited by Breitbart News.

“Democrats are going to be extremely upset with their own governor — 51 percent said they were less likely to vote for him — when they find out he is pushing policies that would force their children into showers with members of the opposite sex,” Terry Schilling, the executive director of APP, said.

“If Republicans have the intestinal fortitude to message on this issue — if they have the courage to do both what is right and what is politically smart — Gov. Wolf will lose tens of thousands of Democrat votes because of his radical agenda. He won’t be able to recover from that,” Schilling added.

The results of the survey were published as Wolf, who has recently been judged one of the nation’s most liberal governors, appointed a new head of the state’s Human Relations Commission as a way to advance his Left-wing extremism by redefining the word “sex” in order to make sexual orientation/gender identity (SOGI) a specially protected class. Apparently the state’s and the U.S. Constitution’s “equality” clauses aren’t enough.

To put a finer point on his gender extremism, Wolf made sure to appoint a transgender ‘woman,’ Dr. Rachel Levine, as Pennsylvania’s physician general. She, too, is an activist more than anything else: She was a professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry at the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, and worked with the university’s Office of Diversity as a mentor to so-called “LGBT” students and faculty members. Also, she was a board member of Equality PA, though again, no one is asserting that transgendered people, nor anyone else, should be singled out or treated unfairly. (Related: Read Transgender ‘inclusiveness’ reaches new level of insanity, as male athlete steals awards from women in track and field event.)

But it is not “discrimination” nor is it odd to require young, impressionable boys and girls to use private, intimate facilities that correspond to their biological sex. It is odd and discriminatory to force the vast majority of children who identify with their biology to expose themselves and be exposed to someone who is biologically different. Were that not the case, then why haven’t extreme Left-wing liberals been pushing for “gender-neutral” facilities for children long before the current “transgender” thing became a thing?

The problem here isn’t with parents and other Americans who understand there is a distinct difference between the sexes. You can’t just “claim” to be something you’re not.

The problem lies with Left-wing extremists like Wolf who want us, the other 99 percent, to ignore the realities of biology and sheepishly go along with the lie they’re pushing that by simply claiming to be another sex, that transforms a person into the opposite sex.

Liberals love democracy right up until the majority no longer sides with them. At that point, they transition quite effortlessly into authoritarianism.

See more of this craziness at Libtards.news.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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