What is making your food? CA restaurants launch ‘transgender jobs program’

In their attempt at turning the country into a group of scared, politically correct sheep, the Regressive Left refuses to stop at anything, leading to endless stupidity in every aspect of American life. In their never-ending game of Oppression Olympics, the leftists have selected the transgender community as the second most oppressed group of people in the world; just behind the radical Islamic extremists that want them dead.

A new program entitled the California Transgender Workplace Project has recently been launched in an attempt to grant jobs to transgender individuals. Led by Michaela Ivri Mendelsohn, a transgender activist and owner of several El Pollo Loco fast food locations in the Los Angeles area, the group hopes to employ many people within the community.

Warner Todd Huston of Breitbart writes, “Those friendly to the transgender community estimate that as many as 1.4 million Americans claim to be transgender. That could be about .6 percent of the population. Other estimates maintain there are only around 700,000 transgender Americans, or .3 percent of the populace.” Many people within the transgender community are unemployed, but it is still unknown whether or not that is directly related to their condition.

To make matters even more frustrating, it appears as though the group is demonizing cisgender people in order to provide jobs to those who identify as something other than their biological gender. These kinds of “equal opportunity” scams are one of the most annoying trends in American history, because they never actually value equal opportunity. Instead, they give jobs to people that may not be best suited for the job for the sole purpose that they fit into a particular category.

For all of the hardworking, qualified people in America, these situations should infuriate you. It is simply ridiculous that organizations like the California Transgender Workplace Project take jobs away from people so that they can keep positions open for members of the transgender community that only comprise .3% of the population in the United States.

So the next time you go eat some terrible, sloppy fast food — or maybe even a healthy salad — it’s possible (and at El Pollo Loco locations in California, probable) that a transgender person made your meal. Equal opportunity strikes again. Let it be known that there are devastating longterm consequences for these so-called acts of charity and equality.

2016 just continues to get more and more outrageous. Where is 2017 when you need it?





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